Murmur Guitar Strap

Murmur Guitar Strap


Named after the demon of music this guitar strap is custom made to your requested length. Similar to the Vale of Tears boots I incorporate the "black tears" motif with these straps.

Width is about 2.5"-3"

Because of the design the strap cannot be adjusted. Instead, I have provided a box below for you to enter the length you would like your strap to be. I recommend taking a guitar strap that you already own and adjust it to where you like it. Then measure from hole to hole on each end. If you do not have a guitar strap then simply take a string of some sort and tie it to each end of the guitar buttons. When you have it at a length that you like it then measure the string. 

The Murmer Guitar Strap is also perfectly made for quick releases!


Since these straps are 100% custom ALL SALES ARE FINAL! The normal return policy is not valid for this purchase. Please make sure measurements are 100% correct when ordering!


Please allow up to 2-3 days processing time.



I used upcycled leather clothing and recycled leather scraps on all leather items. Any animal bones are from animals that have died of natural causes. Insects also have died of natural causes.